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Our Labrador Retriever Puppies & Planned Breedings

At Prairiestorm Kennels each breeding is carefully planned and researched in order to ensure that the puppies we produce are genetically sound, healthy, of exceptional temperament, and have natural hunting ability. We strive to produce puppies that will make loving and calm family pets, great hunting partners, and excel in hunt tests, obedience, agility, and other dogs sports. Our goal is to produce the all purpose Labrador who will work when asked to, yet would just as happily curl up by your feet. All dogs in our breeding program have OFA certified hips, OFA certified elbows, yearly CERF clear eye exams, and are tested for Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM), and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC).

All puppies born at Prairiestorm Kennels are raised in our home, handled daily, and given individual attention. They are extensively socialized with children, cats, and other dogs and started on basic housetraining and crate training before they leave. Puppies are taught to be calm when being held, have their nails cut weekly, are used to having their eyes, ears, and mouths looked at, and are also given baths. They are also introduced to birds, gunfire, and water (weather permitting). Puppy buyers are welcome to come and visit after their puppies are 6 weeks old. We also send weekly photos and updates of the puppies. Since the puppy's don't develop their individual personalities until about 6 weeks of age that is the soonest that we will begin the process of deciding which puppy would be the best fit for your home and lifestyle. In this regard everyone get the "pick puppy" as that is the puppy that is best suited for your home. We allow puppies to leave for their new homes at 7 weeks of age (49 days is considered the optimum bonding age for a performance dog).

Puppies are started on solid food at 4 weeks of age. We feed and recommend Boka Chicken and Oatmeal. We also recommend supplementation with Glucosamine HCL, Vitamin C, and Missing Link Skin & Coat Supplement for the first 2 years of your puppy's life. Puppies are fully weaned from their mothers at 6 weeks of age.

Puppies are sold for $1200 plus GST (a $200 nonrefundable deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list) and are CKC registered, dewclaws removed, tattoed or microchipped, dewormed every 2 weeks, have their first vaccination, and are health checked by the vet. Puppies are sent home with an information package. Our puppies come with a 30 month written guarantee covering hips, elbows, and eyes and a 12 month guarantee covering other genetic disorders. All puppies are sold on a CKC nonbreeding agreement. We may offer breeding rights on a case by case basis to established breeding kennels who have titled and health tested dogs and maintain high breeding standards.

Please contact us with any additional questions or to place a deposit on one of our current or upcoming litters. We welcome visitors. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Current Litters

We will consider co-ownership homes for some of our younger female Labrador Retrievers and for a couple of our middle-age male dogs. The dog would live in your home and return to us when needed for breeding purposes. Homes must be located about 45 minutes of Saskatoon. Please inquire for more information.

Upcoming Litters

Gator Calypso
Gator X Calypso

Chocolate and Black Litter
7 puppies (3 black females, 2 black males, 2 chocolate males)
Puppies born May 4, 2017
Ready to go home June 21, 2017
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
1 black female available

Gator Molly
Gator X Molly

Repeat breeding. Puppies from first breeding have exceptional temperaments, high trainability, very affectionate, and love to retrieve.
Black and Yellow litter
Puppies due July 4, 2017
Ready to go home August 22, 2017
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
Accepting Deposits Now

Gator River
Gator X River

Black & chocolate litter
Puppies due July 5, 2017
Ready to go home August 23, 2017
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
Accepting 1 more deposit for a black female.

Gator Baza
Gator X Baza

Black & Yellow Litter
Puppies due July 8, 2017
Ready to go home August 26, 2017
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
Accepting 1 more deposit for a male and 1 deposit for a female (must be willing to accept either color)

Trigg X Estrella

Yellow Litter
We anticipate puppies will be ready to go home in September, 2017
Timing will depend on when Estrella comes into heat
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
Waiting list is full. Please contact us if you are interested in being notified if any additional puppies become available.

Gator Twilight
Gator X Twilight

Repeat Breeding: Puppies from first breeding are extremely high drive to retrieve and high intelligence
All Black Litter
Puppies ready to go home in September 2017 (dependent on heat cycle)
Price: $1200 plus GST. Deposit: $200
Accepting Deposits Now